Talent Analysis

Talent Analysis
Talent Analysis

Excel through your talents
Using TMA Talent analysis, you learn to use the best in yourself: this leads to job satisfaction and motivation, and works much more effectively then by focussing on what is missing. You get insight into what work suits you and in which organisational culture your talents come out best. That is why Talent Analysis also works very well within team coaching: in this way you combine each other’s talents in the best way.

TMA Talent analysis
The Talent Analysis is a generally recognised instrument for selection, development and evaluation. It is used to measure your social, influencing, managegerial and organisational talents, and your emotional balance and motives. Use the test results to apply for jobs in a focused and successful way, make a career switch with confidence or work towards a new goal that matches your talents.
Using TMA Talent analysis, we create an overview which shows all your talents and drive:

Fill in the online questionnaire at your own convenience. This provides Astrid Spanjaardt with information for the first assessment. She will then use her analysis in a two-hour session with you to help you define your talents in detail. Her advice and practical support will help you move forward.

The TMA Talent Analysis is the perfect tool for assessments and a useful tool for filling internal vacancies. It helps to put employees in the right positions and limits having to reject staff. This creates a pleasant and motivated body of staff!

Would you like to know more for yourself or your company? Or would you like to do the Talent analyses? You're welcome to make an appointment.